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DivisionMaster, shown above connected to a converted Vertex HV4 rotary table, is an automatic indexer, capable of driving a rotary table, a dividing head, or a headstock dividing attachment, via a bipolar stepper motor, allowing rotary positioning of workpieces to be achieved at the push of a button. This can avoid the trauma often associated with "losing your place" when using manual dividing methods, leading to premature conversion of a workpiece into scrap.

DivisionMaster can work with a wide variety of rotary devices, and can be configured for any drive ratio between 1:1 and 5000:1. For a rotary table with a 90:1 worm drive, with a 200 steps-per rev stepper motor, the resolution is 1/100th of a degree per motor half-step; however, DivisionMaster would be equally happy working with other drive ratios, 40:1, 60:1 and 72:1 being other common ratios seen in commercially available indexing tools. DivisionMaster can also be configured for a wide variety of different stepper motors.

DivisionMaster has "multiple personalities"; 4 different sets of configuration parameters can be stored, allowing fast switching between different rotary devices that need different motor current settings, speeds, drive ratios etc.

DivisionMaster always calculates moves to the nearest motor half-step. This means that the theoretical positioning accuracy is always within a quarter of a motor step of the desired position; i.e., within 1/200th of a degree with a 90:1 worm drive ratio. Actual positioning accuracy will ultimately depend upon the mechanical accuracy of the rotary device. Positioning errors are not cumulative, but are spread evenly over a full rotation of the rotary axis.

DivisionMaster can be used as:

Home News Detailed description Examples of use Prices DivisionMaster Press Contact details

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